I had never heard of the word scabies until …

I became the unfortunate victim of this egg-laying, skin burrowing mite that causes severely itching bumps in all the worst places.

Apparently, scabies is a risk of travel, and it is especially prevalent at hostels.

Scabies can be passed on just by sitting on the same seat as someone who has it, or by using sheets that haven’t been properly washed.

Symptoms of Scabies:

Scabies bumps appear most often on the volar wrists, the armpits, the groin and the belt area. Mine started there then spread all over. Theoretically, they don’t go on your face, neck or in your hair.

How to Cure Scabies:

Permethrin cream — all over your body for 24 hours — twice — to kill the original mites and then again in 7 days to kill their eggs that will be hatching.

Bag up your sheets/clothes for 72 hours …


Scabies is persistent and it took mine three months to go away.

My scabies was more expensive to cure than it would have been for me to stay at a hotel instead of the hostel that gave it to me.

Lesson learned.



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