Thai Surprises

There are three genders in Thailand, including the “pretty boys.”


Thailand has black swans.


Thailand has GIANT green beans.

dsc_0022 3

No Bibles in hotels, Buddhism!

DSC_0052 3.JPG

Thailand wakes up around 7 PM

DSC_0076 3.JPG

Matcha green tea is the Coca Cola of Thailand.

DSC_0059 4.JPG

There is a thing in East Asia called Hepatitis E

DSC_0036 3.JPG

Green curry is the same thing as red curry

dsc_0074 2

Thai’s put sugar in everything –sweet, spicy, sour, salty and bitter.

dsc_0098 1
A Thai stir fry is one of 16 authentic dishes I made at Trichada the Cookery Home,

Teas change colors. Butterfly pea tea changes from deep blue to deep purple!

dsc_0088 1

If you smell sewage, it’s probably just durian.

DSC_0089 3.JPG
Durian vendor at Asiatique night market in Bangkok, Thailand

Thai massage really hurts.


Going to a spa means getting your feet eaten by thousands of small fish


You can literally buy too much crap at the markets


Elephants love giving kisses!


Riding elephants and bathing them at Woody Elephant Training in Mae Taeng, near Chiang Mai, Thailand, was one of the best experiences of my life. Love these gentle giants!

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