Touring Chiang Mai, Thailand by Taxi

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Chiang Mai, Thailand is a big city! Taking a taxi is the best way to see it all.


The taxi driver will be your personal tour guide, and will wait for you to complete each attraction.

Bonus: taxis have air conditioning 🙂


Chiang Mai By Taxi:

Stop 0 (optional):

Royal Park Rajapruek Botanical Gardens

Stop 2:

Doi Kham

Stop 3:

Doi Suthep

sitting giant buddha
65 foot tall Buddha at the 1000 year old Wat (Temple) Doi Kham
dsc_0236 1
Doi Suthep

Thailand Taxi Tips:

  1. Only take a licensed taxi 
  2. Enable location on your phone
  3. Always travel with a backup power charger
  4. Use Google Maps to loudly route you (prevent detours)
  5. Know where you want to go!
  6. Bargain with several drivers for the same trip (prevent over-charge)
  7. Don’t let the hotel call the cab for you (avoid excess commission)
  8. Don’t try to hail a taxi FROM an attraction (none available)
  9. Ask the driver to skip the Jade Factory tour (avoid time/money waste)


Sound off in the comments if you have any tips or questions about taking a taxi tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand! 🙂

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