Hiking Boulder’s El Dorado Canyon

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Single woman, Saturday, 3 PM, driving home to Denver from Boulder. Summer sun is still shining. I pass by a small ratty sign saying El Dorado Canyon. Cue explorer mode.

The twisty country side road takes me into a lush valley farm town called Spring-something. Only 2 miles or so through the town and up a dirt road took me to the entrance to El Dorado Canyon State Park.

I paid my $9 Colorado State Park entrance fee by credit card and asked the man what trail I should do, alone and quickly. Fowler trail, he said! Just go up and around the bend. You’ll see the parking lot.

I didn’t even have to get around the bend before seeing beautiful scenery. The park’s iconic jagged rock faces greet visitors at the entrance. You follow the beautiful river and waterfalls below the rocks and you have a choice of trails.

The park was very busy, so I felt very safe even by myself. Otherwise, I would have been more afraid of meeting a mountain lion. It started to drizzle a bit, but the 0.7 mile Fowler trail gave me insane views and only took 45 minutes at a leisurely pace to complete (stopping for pictures!)


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